3 Signs You Need an Oil Change

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Signs You Need an Oil Change | Mansfield MA

There’s no doubt about it: Oil changes are essential for your daily drive in Mansfield, Attleboro, or Norton. They keep your engine performing at its very best and you, safe behind the wheel.At Station Chrysler Jeep, we want to help you perform your oil changes on schedule by alerting you to three signs you need an oil change. These three signs are some of the most common, and they’re a clear signal that you need to schedule service ASAP!

Oil Looks Black & Gritty

How to Tell if You Need an Oil Change | Mansfield MA It’s easy to check the condition of the oil yourself. Doing so can alert you to oil problems before they cause damage to your vehicle. You can use the oil dipstick to check the oil: Just remove it, clean it off with a lint-free rag, and reinsert it for a few seconds.

When you remove the dipstick again, you’ll want to check the condition and level of your oil. Make sure that it falls between the “min” and “max” markings, and that it looks fresh. New oil is amber in color and smooth flowing, while oil past its prime can be blackened and gritty.

Strange Engine Sounds

Rumbling, knocking, moaning, and groaning… Any strange sounds coming from your engine are cause for concern. If your engine’s low on oil, the noises you’re hearing may be the metal parts inside your engine grind up against each other.

Left unchecked for too long, this will cause those parts to wear down much faster than they should. The engine may also overheat, as all that grinding produces friction and, therefore, heat.

If you notice this problem, you’ll want to have an engine diagnostic performed. You’ll probably need an oil change, but you should make sure your engine hasn’t been damaged as well.

Dashboard Warning Light

Do I Need an Oil Change | Mansfield MA One of the most common signs you need an oil change is simple: a dashboard warning light. It may be the Check Engine, Oil Pressure, or Oil Change warning lights—or you may get an oil change message readout on the dash.

Some of these warnings can signal other issues, so you may need to have your engine inspected to get at the root of the problem. If it’s the Oil Change light or a readout message, however, the cause will likely be just what you’d expect.

Dashboard symbols are a straightforward sign, but they’re easy to miss or ignore. If you notice a warning light aglow, don’t hesitate to schedule service.

Schedule Oil Changes with Us

These three signs you need an oil change are some of the most common, but they’re hardly the only ones. If you notice other signs, like exhaust smoke or the smell of oil in the cabin, you can schedule oil service at the Station Chrysler Jeep Service Center.

Our certified technicians can change your engine oil and oil filter quickly, with the exact type of oil that’s prescribed for your vehicle. We’ll have your car ready for the roads of Mansfield, Attleboro, and Norton in no time, and we look forward to working with you!

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