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Coffee. The elixir of life. Magic in a mug. One cup of a delicious cup of joe, and you’re ready to take on the world.

Sometimes, though, you’re in a hurry, and leave the house without getting some of that much-needed caffeine. While you may think drowsy driving isn’t a big deal, especially if you have a short commute, it can put you, your passengers, and other drivers on the road at risk.

According to a poll conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, 60% of adult drivers have driven  while feeling drowsy, and over 30% have actually fallen asleep at the wheel. This can result in you getting into an accident. In fact, about one million crashes each year are thought to be as a result of drowsy driving.

If you feel your eyes getting heavy before entering your vehicle, hand over the keys to a loved one and have them drive you to one of these best coffee shops near Mansfield, MA, pronto.

Feel Like You’re in Heaven at Angel’s Café

Angel’s Café provides their customer with fresh coffee that’s brewed each day, along with food made from fresh and organic ingredients that have no MSG or preservatives. Plus, everything is made from scratch using secret recipes.

·       Wake up with: A Turkish black coffee, salted caramel latte, or traditional americano or cappuccino. You can get a hot or iced beverage, and can add flavored syrups like French vanilla, caramel, or hazelnut.

Check out Angel’s Café’s fresh drinks and food items on their Facebook page.

Have an Artisan Coffee & Baked Good at Bibi Café & Bakery

Owner Fataneh Dowlatshahi named her business Bibi Café & Bakery to honor her Bibi, which means great-grandmother. She also uses recipes passed down from her great-grandmother to create many of the delicious items in the bakery, like the Gata sweet bread and homemade carrot jam. Still, this café is also known for its coffee, which is freshly roasted in Rhode Island.

·       Wake up with: A cup of hot or iced coffee, in either breakfast blend, hazelnut, snickerdoodle, or decaf. You can also get an iced or hot latte or cappuccino with a flavor shot of your choice.

Feast your eyes on the bakery items being sold today on Bibi Café & Bakery’s Facebook page.

Convenient, Friendly Service at Marylou’s Best Coffee in Town

Marylou’s Best Coffee in Town has been living up to its name since 1986. They believe in serving high-quality coffee and employing enthusiastic team members who treat every customer like they’re part of the family. They have lots of coffee options to choose from, so you’ll always find something new to try there.

·       Wake up with: One of their extra specialty iced coffees. Choose from flavors like cinnamon hazelnut fluff, minty Lou, raspberry mocha blast, and banana split.

Marvel at the other unique coffee flavors on the Marylou’s Best Coffee in Town Facebook page.

It Just Starts with One at One Cup Coffee

At One Cup Coffee, their motto is Coffee…One Cup at a Time. They want to offer you more than  just a simple cup of java. Instead, they want you to have the best experience ever from that first sip to the last drop. If you prefer to put your own gourmet cup of coffee together at home, definitely check out this store. They sell the most extensive selection of single coffee cups to use in your Keurig or other type of beverage brewing system.

·       Wake up with: Any of their over 700 varieties of single cups, including coffee, cappuccino, and latte, and even tea and hot cocoa. The best part is that you pick out individual cups from different brands and create your own variety pack. It’s a great day to sample all different types of coffee!

To see what specials on coffee cups they’re offering today, check out One Cup Coffee on Facebook.

Indulge in a Pick-Me-Up Today!

To enjoy that exceptional cup of hot or iced coffee, visit any of these best coffee places near Mansfield, MA. Get that nice perk-olator started today.

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