Best Yoga Studios near Mansfield MA

March 31st, 2018 by

For thousands of years, yoga has been used to build up mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. With the popularity of yoga growing, it’s easy to see why so many great yoga studios can be found near Mansfield, MA.

Below, you’ll find information on three of the best ones. Read ahead to learn more about Easton Yoga Center, Open Doors Yoga Studios, and Revelation Yoga.

Easton Yoga Center

Easton Yoga Center was founded on the mission of providing yogis, both new and experienced, with an environment where they can explore their own personal yoga journey. Through their core values-authenticity, integrity, mindfulness, and fun-the Easton Yoga Center team flawlessly executes this mission.

They do this by providing an array of classes that combine all of these core values. Check out a Vinyasa Flower class, a Restorative Yoga with Reiki class, or a relaxing Sweet Surrender Sunday class.

Open Doors Yoga Studios

For more than 40 years, Open Doors Yoga Studios’ founder Richard Lanza has been on a mission of exploration to learn as much as he can about opening new doors in life through healing practices like yoga. It was this passion for learning that inspired the foundation of Open Doors Yoga Studios in 2004.

In addition to the many yoga classes you can take at Open Doors Yoga Studios, they also offer other holistic services through their New Age Center like aura readings, free weekly healing meditation groups, and belly dancing classes.

Revelation Yoga

At Revelation Yoga, you’ll not only find a plethora of yoga classes geared towards growth and strength restoration, but you’ll also find a welcoming community to become a part of. Founded on mutual respect, these classes are geared towards yogis of all skill levels. Pop into a Gentle Meridian Yoga class or a Power Yoga class and work alongside your peers in harmony.

Not only do they offer traditional classes at Revelation Yoga, but you can also study at The Yoga School of Revelation and earn your Yoga Teacher Certification. Learn how to lead your own community of yogis.

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