Jeep Patriot Dashboard Light Guide

The warning and indicator symbols that appear on your Jeep Patriot’s dashboard is your vehicle’s best way of communicating important information to you while on the road. Understanding what each symbol means and the proper action to take when they appear can save you from a potentially costly breakdown or serious accident. Warning symbols are designed to alert you to serious mechanical issues your Jeep is experiencing, while indicator lights inform you when certain vehicle features are either in-use or when a non-emergency issue is detected.

Jeep Patriot Mansfield MAThe Station Chrysler Jeep Service Department is committed to helping drivers near Mansfield, Attleboro, and Norton better understand their vehicle’s different functions and capabilities. To learn how to identify some of the most common warning and indicator symbols on your Jeep Patriot, continue reading our helpful guide below.

Jeep Patriot Warning Light Symbols

You might notice that when you initially start your engine, a number of symbols might flash on your dashboard panel and then disappear. This is a normal occurrence and no cause for concern. If any symbol continues to remain lit after a few seconds, you should immediately review the issue before taking any further action. Your Jeep Patriot’s Owner’s Manual is a great resource and can give you a full list of each symbol you might encounter, including:

Brake Warning Light – This symbol is simple to identify, as you’ll see the word “BRAKE” above an encircled exclamation point. This light is designed to monitor various brake functions. If illuminated, it means either your emergency parking brake is applied, your brake fluid levels are low, or there’s an issue with your anti-lock braking system. You should immediately schedule a service appointment to have these areas of your brakes inspected.

Jeep Patriot Warning Lights Mansfield MAOil Pressure Warning Light – This symbol appears as a dripping oil can and means your oil pressure has dropped to a dangerous level. Immediately head to the nearest service station and check your oil levels. If the light remains lit, schedule a service appointment as soon as possible.

Tire Pressure Warning Light – This symbol appears as a horseshoe surrounding an exclamation point and indicates the air pressure in at least one of your tires is at an unsafe level. Immediately head to the nearest tire service station and check each of your tire’s pressure levels. If you notice the warning light turns back on, you might have a punctured or worn-out tire and should immediately schedule a service appointment.

Electronic Throttle Control Warning Light – This symbol appears as lightning bolt with two concave lines on either side. When lit, it means there’s an issue with your Jeep’s electronic throttle control system and you may experience your vehicle’s performance feeling significantly under-powered. Immediately schedule a service appointment and avoid driving until the issue is resolved.

Jeep Patriot Indicator Light Symbols

Malfunction Indicator Light – More commonly known as the “Check Engine” light, this symbol appears like the profile of an engine and indicates when a potential malfunction within your vehicle’s emission control system has occurred. Schedule a full diagnostics test at your earliest opportunity.

 Jeep Patriot Dashboard Light Mansfield MALow Fuel Indicator Light – This symbol appears as a standard gas pump and when lit, means you’re almost out of gasoline. Immediately seek out the nearest gas station to avoid a breakdown.

Electronic Stability Control Indicator Light – This symbol appears as the rearview of a car with two wavy lines underneath. This symbol will flash for a few seconds to alert you that the system is engaged. If this symbol remains lit, a malfunction has occurred, and you should schedule a service appointment to have it inspected.

Transmission Temperature Indicator Light – This symbol appears as a thermometer inside of a gear or toothed wheel and indicates that your transmission fluid temperature is too hot. This might occur when your Jeep is towing a heavy trailer or has exceeded its standard payload. If this light appears, immediately pull over and turn off the engine until the engine has time to cool down.

Jeep patriot Fluid Indicator Mansfield MALow Washer Fluid Level – This symbol appears as a vehicle’s windshield with a dotted line that separates into two arcs. When lit, it indicates that your washer fluid reservoir is nearly empty. Refill with washer fluid at your earliest convenience.

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