Ram 1500 Dashboard Light Guide

When a light appears on your Ram 1500’s dashboard during your drives around the Mansfield, Attleboro, and Norton areas, that’s your truck’s way of trying to tell you something. When it does, it’s important to listen. Fortunately, the team at Station Chrysler Jeep created this Ram 1500 dashboard light guide as a quick reference for the dashboard lights our customers ask us about most often.

A Note on Ram 1500 Dashboard Lights

Most of the lights we’ll cover will illuminate each time you turn on your Ram truck, and then quickly turn off. If one of them stays lit, even after you’ve begun to drive, check your owner’s manual, contact a certified Ram technician, or refer to this guide for directions.

Ram 1500 Warning Lights

Brake Warning Light: If you see the word “BRAKE” when the parking brake is not engaged, you may have low brake fluid. Have a certified Ram technician check your fluid levels. If they’re correct, there may be an issue with your braking system that needs to be addressed and repaired immediately.

Engine Coolant Temperature Warning Light: The image of a thermometer being dipped in liquid indicates that your Ram 1500’s engine is overheating. It may be accompanied by a continuous chime if the coolant temperature reaches the upper limit. Pull over as soon as it’s safe to do so and shift into Neutral. Idle the vehicle until the temperature reading returns to normal. If it hasn’t corrected after four minutes, turn off the engine immediately and call a certified Ram technician for immediate service.

Battery Charge Warning Light: This light looks like a battery and indicates that the battery isn’t charging properly. If you see this light, contact your local Ram dealership for service because there may be a malfunction with the charging system or electrical system.

Oil Pressure Warning Light: A light that looks like an oil can means that there’s low oil pressure. Stop your Ram 1500 as soon as it’s safe, turn off the engine, and contact a Ram service center. It’s important that you don’t operate your vehicle with this symbol present or you may experience overheating or damaging engine friction.

Oil Temperature Warning Light: If you see a light that looks like a thermometer being dipped into an oil can, the engine oil temperature in your Ram 1500 may be too high. Pull over and stop the engine and wait for the oil temperature to return to normal.

Engine Check /Malfunction Indicator Warning Light (MIL): This symbol looks like an engine and indicates an issue with your Ram 1500’s engine or automatic transmission control system. This can illuminate for many reasons, including a loose or missing gas cap. If it stays lit through several typical driving styles, contact your local Ram service center for a professional diagnosis. If the light is blinking, there could be a serious condition present that may lead to immediate loss of power or catalytic converter damage. Pull over as soon as it’s safe and turn off your engine. Contact your local Ram service center for a tow immediately.

More Ram 1500 Dashboard Lights

Whether you’ve seen one of the symbols in our Ram 1500 dashboard light guide or you just want to be prepared, stop by the service center at Station Chrysler Jeep to speak with a certified Ram technician. Drivers in the greater Mansfield, Attleboro, and Norton areas can also use our online portal to make a service appointment today.